What to do when you have Anxiety…

WHAT IS ANXIETY? Anxiety is a natural response to life stressors. Anxiety is experienced cognitively, emotionally and physically. It can be experienced from mild to severe depending on the person and the circumstances triggering it. Anxiety might be manageable to some, while for others it can interfere with life and daily functioning.          Symptoms of anxietyContinue reading “What to do when you have Anxiety…”

How to Heal from Trauma

WHAT IS TRAUMA? Psychological trauma occurs as a result of one or more distressing events causing overwhelming amounts of stress that impacts a person’s ability to cope and process the emotions that surface as a result of the traumatic/adverse experience/s. When these events occur, negative thoughts, emotions and physical sensations associated with the memory, mayContinue reading “How to Heal from Trauma”

What is the meaning behind Karuna?

KARUNA – Compassionate Action  Karuna is a Sanskrit word and concept that is significant in Yoga and the spiritual pathways of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, which typically translates to “Compassionate Action”. Karuna is an action-based practice that aims to alleviate (dis)ease or suffering. Self-compassion is at the core of therapy and a foundational component inContinue reading “What is the meaning behind Karuna?”